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SCBWI International

Northern Ohio Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators


2013 Executive Committee:

Regional Advisor
Victoria Selvaggio • vselvaggio@windstream.net

Regional Advisor Emeritus
Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton • lauriepknowlton@aim.com

Active Past Regional Advisor
Jean Daigneau • jdaigneau@sbcglobal.net

Assistant Regional Advisor
Emily Levin • emilyresmer@earthlink.net

Membership and Volunteer Coordinator
Gloria Reichert • g.reichert68@gmail.com

Events and Marketing Coordinator
Denise Parsons • dbp417@windstream.net

Illustrator Coordinator
Sophie Cayless • scayless@mailstation.com

Website Editor and Coordinator
Lisa Amstutz • LisaWrites4Kids@gmail.com

Photograph Coordinator
Carole Calladine • andcarcal@ameritech.net

Conference Coordinator
Michael Toth mjtoth_hoc@yahoo.com

Board of Director's Luncheon 2010

Non-Board Positions:

Listserv Moderator
Lisa Amstutz • LisaWrites4Kids@gmail.com

Website Designer
Anne Beekman

Online Registration Designer
Denise Parsons • dbp417@windstream.net


Volunteers Needed!

We are seeking volunteers! Volunteers may work from home or at events, with flexibility in hours as needed for other personal and professional commitments. Volunteers may help in the following capacities:

Volunteer perks:
Volunteers who give at least 5 hours of service per year and upward may receive some of the following perks:

If you are interested contact Vicki Selvaggio at vselvaggio@windstream.net

Critique Groups

Moderators and group organizer contact information is listed on the critique groups page.

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